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Robert L. Dilenschneider, from the book, Moses: C.E.O., Lessons in Leadership

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The Dilenschneider Group has successfully helped its clients reach their goals in the following domains:
CEO Support
Top Management Support
Investor Relations
Corporate Communication
Travel & Hospitality Communication
External Affairs
Global Reach
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CEO Support

The Firm arranged for USA Today editors to write a major feature story on one of America’s leading personalities;

The Firm worked with and assisted the CEO of a Fortune 500 company in becoming a member of the board of a prestigious environmental group;

The Firm assisted a small IP satellite-based media content aggregator in restructuring the company, introducing a new CEO and developing its image in the marketplace;

The Firm provided counsel and global positioning assistance to the president of one of the largest non-government research and development organizations in the world;

When a Fortune 250 Chief Executive Officer called, the Firm conducted a successful research assignment to find top-quality and cost effective speechwriting support;
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Top Management Support

Acted as a go-between, proposing themes, negotiating with key publishers, and spearheading promotion of a number of client-written books that hit the best-seller lists;

The Firm aided a start-up company with breakthrough ideas for electronic trading to build an e-commerce empire and become the No.1 online brokerage site on the Web;

For a Fortune 100 company presentation to special audiences of analysts, media and employees, the Firm researched, wrote and edited materials for use by executives;

The Firm helped position an executive team as the best and brightest Internet visionaries who could foresee how the industry would evolve in years to come;

The Firm created a comprehensive seminar program to assist a top executive panel in attracting leading multinational corporations;

The Firm prepared supporting documentation to assist executives of a Fortune 200 company in resolving a major environmental dispute in the European Countries;
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Investor Relations

Researched, wrote, and edited materials for a Fortune 100 company making a crucial presentation to analysts, media and employees;

Assisted a Fortune 200 company in launching a successful financing effort, providing support in London, New York, and Tokyo;

Continued to evaluate and critique quarterly earnings conference calls for a leading asset management firm client and launched a new media outreach strategy based on reviving municipal debt business. Drafted and placed Op-Ed piece in a major media outlet under byline of the CEO;

When a Fortune 100 Management needed to translate its vision to its employees and financial community, the Firm developed the concept, the approach and the plan for execution;

The Firm provided communications and investor relations support for a technology company during their transition from software development to an online service-based model;

When a Fortune 200 company launched its successful financing drive, the Firm provided help in London, New York and Tokyo;

The Firm served as PR/IR and media relations counsel for the top online brokerage services;
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Corporate Communication

Provided media/sales training by our in-house professional to all the attorneys at the world's sixth largest law firm;

For several high-profile wine and culinary consortiums, the Firm organized a formal wine-tasting and presentations for media and the trade in multiple U.S. cities; created strategic partnerships and promotional opportunities; conducted press familiarization trips to vineyards; and organized press conferences and new product introductions;

The Firm represented an internationally-known TV personality, handling all responses to client's heavy professional correspondence. Distributed client's new DVD on healthcare to media and "influentials" around the country. Also set up (and translated) numerous overseas media interviews;

The Firm introduced an Internet-based network tool for professionals in the commercial construction industry;

The Firm carried out a sophisticated, ongoing online initiative for a large U.S. resort/gaming complex, posting regular updates on Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook and also counseled client on strategies and tactics to unveil a major expansion project;

The Firm produced and distributed to clients (and financial/business/government VIP mailing list) twice-yearly, in-depth political/ economic/ cultural Trend Reports based on research and interviews with hundreds of experts here and abroad supplemented periodically by Special Reports on critical issues in the news;

The Firm enlisted consultant Victor Neufeld to counsel client and implement a program for a well-known charitable foundation, on a TV and other media public service campaign. Staged a private "Salon Dinner" for the foundation executives at the home of a renowned New York hostess attended by many prominent, philanthropic New Yorkers;

When a Fortune 100 company totally changed its business focus, the Firm helped plan a centrally-driven communication strategy;

The Firm developed positioning statements and books for heads of state and for several Fortune 100 corporations;

The Firm advised a consumer products company on corporate repositioning and the launch of a new product line;

The Firm was helpful to a global service firm that was developing a positioning concept and program for its worldwide operations;

The Firm developed a competitive analysis for use by a company, already the leader in its category, to further distance itself from the competition;

The Firm helped the pioneer of a new online financial services category with media relations, endorsements and strategic relationships;

When a new, publicly-owned biotechnology company promoted its cutting-edge research and development in U.S. and Europe, the Firm created a focused communications strategy and a media plan to distinguish it from other firms in the increasingly crowded field;

The Firm helped the current leader in supply-chain management market its software solutions and extend the reach of its standard integrated applications to meet the demands of e-commerce, increasing its market potential five-fold;

The Firm created a successful plan for a media/opportunity clearinghouse concept for an organization that receives nearly 100 calls per week from the press and other interested parties;

The Firm helped a small company with breakthrough ideas for electronic trading develop an e-commerce empire and launch the leading online brokerage site on the Web;

The Firm helped to introduce an Internet-based network tool for professionals in the commercial construction industry;

The Firm helped an early B2B e-commerce leader with positioning and with strategic relationships in the pre-IPO development stage;

The Firm helped the organization plan its involvement in a soon-to-be-released major motion picture.
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Travel & Hospitality Communication

The Firm brings a focused understanding of travel, lifestyle and consumer trends that is applied to all client programs. Travel and lifestyle principals bring more than 50 years of in-depth experience in the industry, having represented a broad array of internationally known destinations and convention bureaus, hotels and resorts, airlines, cruise lines, tour operators, attractions, travel industry organizations, Internet travel sites and culinary/wine/spirits organizations.

Our strength lies not only in media relations, but in building relationships for our clients with the travel media and the vertical lifestyle publications that influence consumer travel purchasing decisions. We work with the key special-interest publications and understand how they individually approach hospitality reporting. The Firm's strength lays in building media relationships for our clients with the travel press, and among the special-interest lifestyle publications that influence consumer travel purchasing decisions. Principals are actively involved in major travel industry organizations such as the Society of American Travel Writers (SATW), Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMAI).

A sampling of the Firm's work includes:

• Branding of a European destination to contemporize its image through culture, cuisine and "green" tourism assets;

• Development and promotion of a global research study to bolster an international hotel company's reputation in the business travel arena;

• Promotion of a major New England tourist attraction's exhibits, educational activities and on-site film production;

• Launch and publicity for the expansion of a major casino resort in the Southeastern region of the U.S.;

• Publicity of a benchmark program in Europe to show a direct correlation between tourism and economic development;

• Outreach for an Island destination to attract business investment to help bolster its economy
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External Affairs

Designed and implemented a communications effort that opened the door for an Indian tribe to connect directly, and win favor, with the governor and key legislators in its state;

The Firm held regular teleconferences and direct meetings with officials of a Caribbean island-nation client, counseling about timing and strategies for an upcoming national election including message development and media training;

The Firm developed a post-public hearing strategy to help complete the merger of two major Midwest utilities;

Working through a well known, market-oriented think tank, the Firm conceived and helped to implement a major Washington-based seminar designed to focus government and media attention on the need for tort reform;

The Firm provided political intelligence and entree to arrange significant sessions for a Fortune 150 company to articulate public policy statements on the economy and the environment;

The Firm helped officials of a government’s administration handle a potentially-damaging withdrawal from its country by a major corporate investor;

The Firm assisted in the development and refining of a new corporate marketing plan for an electric utility that was transitioning from the regulated arena to the competitive one;

The Firm arranged for a major financial institution to educate the editorial page editors of some of the nation’s most influential newspapers on a critical social issue, which resulted in multiple articles on a subject in which there was a need for understanding by the public and selected legislators;

The Firm helped one of the largest private companies in the world to develop intelligence in Los Angeles and in other key U.S. markets, which enabled the organization to remove itself graciously from an embarrassing situation;
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Global Reach

The Firm arranged extensive international media coverage for a large Far East capital city undergoing a sweeping architectural and design "makeover";

The Firm gave assistance to a major Asian political leader who wanted to publish a book in the U.S.;

The Firm helped prepare a plan to license products throughout Asia for a major private company;

The Firm interested Forbes magazine in undertaking a major article on a country’s successful economic development program;

When a major U.S. institution was seeking joint venture links in Europe and Asia, the Firm identified and established continuing business relationships;

The Firm conducted focused, in-depth research in South America for a Fortune 10 company to regain penetration and structure in its key operations;

For a major service firm in Europe which required top-level meetings with key media, the Firm arranged for company executives to sit one-on-one with editors;

The Firm developed a corporate identity plan and strategies for subsidiaries for a global U.K.-based holding company;

The Firm gave material assistance to a group of Japanese consumer service companies seeking an international media strategy for launching a major marketing initiative;
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